How did you take the screenshots?
Put the game in developer mode by adding -developerkeys -screenshot to the shortcut path. Press F3 to cycle through camera angles (move it around like you would Max). F10 to save a screenshot to the screenshot folder. For shots with Max in it, hit the "~" key then type "showhud" to turn the hud on and off for a clean screenshot.

Where did you get the tracklisting for the OSTs?
For the first game, www.waltari.de/maxpayne. They also have a review of the soundtrack. I don't know about the second game.

Are you going to put up the audio tracks?
No, I abuse my bandwidth enough as it is.

Can I be added to the links list? Does it have to be Address Unknown related?
Sure, and it just has to be Max Payne related. Email me the link and the site name. If you have a banner/button send it along too, or the page where I can grab one.